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  • Almost all parts we use have a warranty. Sometime they are for 1-3 years; sometimes there is a lifetime warranty. It depends on the part and the supplier. We absolutely will not honor any part or labor warranty where excessive and/or hazardous driving of vehicle is evident. 

  • Warranties stay with the EAS customer who purchased the part and repair. It does NOT transfer to a new car owner if the car is sold. 

  • If your vehicle is serviced (including oil changes) at any shop other than EAS after repair, it will invalidate any EAS warranty. We cannot account for what another shop did on your vehicle and will not be held liable for other shops' mistakes or damage to the vehicle. 

Service Records

  • Service records can be requested by the ORIGINAL customer only. We do not honor service record requests unless specifically requested by the established EAS customer.                                                                                                                    

  • Repairs from our shop will appear on a CARFAX report. Therefore, if you are a new owner of a vehicle that EAS serviced or repaired, please refer to the CARFAX report or request them from the previous owner of the vehicle. 

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