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We want our customers to stay safe during the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. Therefore, we have a contact-less system that allows us to repair your vehicle while taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are unable to accept walk-in customers or in-person appointments at this time.  However, we can repair your automobile using the following process: 


1.  Fill out AUTO REPAIR RELEASE FORM found in the menu above.


2.  Park your vehicle on our lot, remove all valuable items from vehicle, and lock it.  


3.  Leave vehicle keys in after-hours drop box found at side-door. 


4.  Your vehicle will be disinfected by technician (wearing protective gear) after drop off and sit 24 hours before work will begin - including diagnostic, oil change, etc.  

5.   You will be contacted with estimate of repairs before we begin any work.  We will only perform work with your permission. 


6.   We will contact you when work is completed. 


7.   Payment will be taken over the phone before vehicle can be retrieved. 


8.   After payment is received, we will provide you with access code to retrieve vehicle. 

9.   Please note:   All vehicles will be charged a $50 disinfectant fee that will be credited to your final bill for auto repair.  Therefore, if you decide not to have the vehicle repaired after an estimate is provided, the $50 disinfectant fee would still apply.  



If you have any questions, please email us at:  or call at 314-455-4342.  At this time, a quicker response may be given with email.   

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